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Below are some Rigging & Cable we can supply.

Covering areas throughout the whole of London and the surrounding areas. If you cant see what you’re looking for on this page please get in contact.

DMX XLR CablePer/Week
1m XLR3£0.50
3m XLR3£1.00
5m XLR3£1.50
10m XLR3£2.00
20m XLR3£3.50
3m XLR5£1.00
5m XLR5£1.50
10m XLR5£2.00
20m XLR5£3.00
XLR3M to XLR5F£1.00
XLR3F to XLR5M£1.00
XLR3M to XLR3M sex-changer£1.00
XLR3F to XLR3F sex-changer£1.00
IEC to 13A£0.50
Powercon to 13A£1.00
2.5m Powercon to Powercon£1.50
5m Powercon to Powercon£2.00
10m Powercon to Powercon£3.00
2m 13A 4 way trailing socket£1.00
5m 13A 4 way trailing socket£1.50
10m 13A 4 way trailing socket£2.00
5m 13A 2 way trailing socket£1.50
10m 13A 2 way trailing socket£2.00
5m 13A 1 way trailing socket£1.50
10m 13A 1 way trailing socket£2.00
20m 13A 1 way trailing socket£3.00
3m 15A plug to 15A socket£1.00
5m 15A plug to 15A socket£1.50
10m 15A plug to 15A socket£2.00
20m 15A plug to 15A socket£3.00
5m 16A M to 16A F£1.50
10m 16A M to 16A F£2.50
20m 16A M to 16A F£3.50
Stands & TrussPer/Week
Wind-Up Stand (70kg Rated)£10.00
Wind-Up Stand (85kg Rated)£15.00
T-Bar For Wind-Up Stand£2.00
Litec QX30 Quad Truss (2m Section)£20.00
Heavy base for Litec QX30 Quad Truss£10.00
Hook Clamp (Standard)£0.50
Hook Clamp (16-35mm)£0.50
Trigger Clamp£1.00

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